Big Paw Prints consists of Kent and Marilyn Standerford from Omaha, NE.  It really grew out of taking pictures at lure coursing field trials.  From there it's grown into a passion to capture the beauty of our athletic friends. We shoot everything from canine agility, to horses, to Mens Division 1 Club Rugby.  It's been a great way to get to know many wonderful folks.

I got into sighthounds in 1988 when I bought my first Irish Wolfhound.  Clancy was a great hound with a great heart.  He was never a great specimen of the breed, but was a perfect ambassador for it. It was him that got us started in lure coursing.   When  Sean and Elaine McMichael moved to Omaha we became more involved in coursing and started traveling to field trials across the country.  Our first whippet from Sean and Elaine and was truly a hound that comes along once in a lifetime.  Bubba was not only a great courser, having won many Best in Fields and other events, but he was a wonderful hound to live with.  We tried to name him with various "dog" names, but he was just a "Bubba". His unassuming personality and down to earth attitude was what you always look for in a pet.  But when he got to the coursing field he, like a true sighthound should, turned into a maniac. We are extremely proud of all his accomplishments, but probably most proud of his Minnesota Cup win in fall 2002. Just two months short of his 11th birthday he pulled off a win that had eluded him since he'd started running.  It is a two day Best in Event  trophy that has been won by some of the finest hounds in ASFA history.

Since then we've been escorting his daughter, Carly, to many trials and having anyone who would slip a whippet handle her while I'm in the field shooting.  Now and then her big "sister" Bonnie (Irish Wolfhound) accompanies us.  We generally travel from Minnesota to Texas and St. Louis to Colorado Springs.

If you happen to run into us on the field please come over and introduce yourself and peruse the photos we have.  If there's anything that you like we're more than happy to get the kind of product you want.


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